TF2 Mapping part pack A1

A collection of parts that can be used for easier map creation

  1. Quin
    Hello Everyone, i Created this small
    pack based on an idea i had last week.

    Alot of people that want to get into mapping to the same issues -
    They either don't know what or how to do something, so they sometimes just give up. Sure, there are alot tutorials out there, but i know that some people can't sit through them because they require alot of attention (ADHD for instance) or are simply a learning-by-doing kind of people.

    This is where this pack comes into play. i created it to work in tandem with the Ultimate resource pack for maximum efficency.
    It basicly features
    a collection of pre-made map parts that can be arranged in any order you want and create a small functional map for demonstration purposes as seen here :
    In the final product it's supposed to feature all kinds of things, like Artpass progress or how to optimize stuff, but right now it's just a small assortment of Pre-made parts for easier mapping.

    To install, extract the zip into your prefab folder.

    it still requires minimum knowledge on how to do things, but i really hope that i can make some peoples life easier with this. I will try to regulary update it with new content to make sure everything works.All Feedback and help is welcome!
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