Cursed Cove rc3

Cursed Cove is a Player Destruction map

  1. Bakscratch

    WE HAVE A SERVER! "connect" or search "Cursed Cove" on server Browser!
    To explore the map by yourself, Open the console and type "map workshop/1498584149" (Must be subbed to work) or Open the console and type "map pd_cursed_cove_rc1"


    Set on the shores of a town taken over in the past by pirates, Red and Blu must help out Davy Jones by collecting souls for him, Jones is running out of souls to pay for his Locker so the players must help him out as much as they can. Enjoy a unique TF2 map set in a new theme that has not been seen before, from the shores of the town to Davy Jones' Locker itself, there is plenty to see and explore!


    PD Cursed Cove is a Player Destruction map where by player have to capture the enemies souls by killing them, Then Jump aboard Davy Jones Ship and deliver them to him in the Locker…


    Thanks to:

    Bakscratch - Lead
    Jusa - Map layout, detailing and optimisation
    Boomsta - Art and Models
    Hex - Animations and Promo
    EmNudge - Voice and Audio
    Exactol - Particles
    Stiffy360 - Art, Models and optimisation
    Yacan1 - Detailing and concepts
    Magnus - Music
    Py-bun - Additional materials

    Extra Bits:

    This map has been a labour of love since early April 2018, Myself and the team has worked so hard to make the map, we are really happy with how it turned out and tried to do something different from the rest of the community I hope you all enjoy the map as much as we did making it. There are some thing we had to cut due to time and not easily being able to do it.

    If you have any question feel free to leave them below or find me on Twitter @Bakscratch.
    Also check out the team’s other work.
    Hex -
    EmNudge -
    Boomsta -
    Magnus -
    Py-bun -
    Yacan1 -
    Exactol -
    Jusa -
    Stiffy360 -

    Disclaimer to people whom this may concern, There are members on the team who produced some fantastic work but made stupid decisions, I do not agree with their actions and it does not reflect on the map. I hope me writing this helps you understand.
    Thanks, Bakscratch.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: rc3
    i love it top 5 player destruction map cursed cove is like Watergate
    but more best creator go ham on map love it it be my top 10 map
  2. Dusty the Musty
    Dusty the Musty
    Version: rc3
    Amazing map!