Stripeless metal textures v2

A choice to omit the black bars from some of metal textures which didn't have such versions before.

  1. Crowbar
    Also, this download contains the misspelling "stripless" in various places. Please bear.

    TF2 has a bunch of cool metal walls. Most of them have these black bars everyone has probably seen. Some of these have a version without these bars, but only some.
    They look nice, but on wide or tall walls they look really repetitive and rowdy, and it becomes a problem (confirmation).
    So, I took these 9 and made a stripeless version of them. Now having the bars or not is more or less always up to you

    Thanks to @MaccyF for sharing a nice Photoshop brush that enabled me to do this.

    ¹ Until 2020-10-01, there was no such clause.
    In that time, three maps got in the game having used these textures, which gave me revenue and a few people a bit of hassle. These days I don't think these textures can significantly contribute to any map. Certainly, not enough to make me money while some people struggle to create beautiful things and get nothing in return.
    So, from now on anyone is free to use them however you want, perhaps for further editing (subject to whatever Valve's terms on the original textures are).

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