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  1. 2Suicides

    The Fifth Element 1

    Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033813928/
  2. The Sandpiper

    Scout and Heavy (JoJo) 1

    This is a recreation of a scene from the second part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, where Joseph Joestar shows off his whits by telling this "thug" where is brass knuckles are and explaining how he knew they were there. With my work, I've replaced Joseph with the Scout and the thug with the Heavy...
  3. Matracina

    TF2 Scene

    Maden in garry's mod for 72 hours jam. All was done by myself : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2840144942
  4. Matracina

    TF2 art 2022-07-25

    Maden in garry's mod for 72 hours jam. All was done by myself : https://steamcommunity.com/id/matracina/?utm_source=SteamLadder.com
  5. EmperorFaiz

    Totally Radical! 1.1

    The mercs almost accurately predict 90s trend including lead-free paint.
  6. Darix

    Drawing of baby hoovy with a lollipop 1

    Hey as I am not very talented when it comes to doing anything in SFM or GMOD or making anything else i just decided to draw a silly little hoovy which stuck with me since back when meet the pyro came out so here you go.
  7. MastahDizzy

    Heavy VS. Bowser 2022-07-24

    After Bowser crashed the party that Peach was holding in her castle (and the sandvich buffet that was within it), the Heavy, now hungry for both his favorite meal and an actual fight, now challenges the King of the Koopas himself, in an attempt to eventually satiate his hunger for ham-fisted...
  8. ゆず the nowhere king.

    The burning you feel? It is shame. final

    Another poster I made for the 72 hour jam 2022 event. The heavy is one of my OGs. The official submission is here if you'd like to leave some feedback or upvote there ✌️ LINKS: 1st submission, jam22TF2maps, TF2 Community Hub. 2nd submission, jam22TF2maps, TF2 Community Hub. 3rd submission...
  9. ♫Wyatt The Otter♫

    Unusual Unboxed! 2022-07-23

    Another poster i made of my friend unboxing his first unusual! was my first time messing with facial rigging.
  10. asserting dominance

    Heavy can't eat metal... 2022-07-23

    This is my 72 Hour Jam entry and my first time using Source Filmmaker. It isn't the best but I tried my best.
  11. Stakan VoDki

    A desert full of interesting things 2022-07-23

    The heavy one is standing on the altar while the spy is doing something. helped with this Baron | Skull DemoPanovich skyyfine
  12. hamburger

    Fish Cake 2022-07-22

    I'm Heavy Weapons Guy, and this is my Fish Cake.
  13. SlashArs

    Pootis bird 2022-07-22

    Я не художник. Я пытался нарисовать что-то красивое и классное.
  14. Uncle Grandpa

    Road in the future 2022-07-22

    Hello I haven’t made posters for a long time, my hands have lost the habit of such work, but I tried to make everything beautiful, so.. ye I hope you will like it :)
  15. POTATO ( или бульба )

    Happy Heavy 2022-07-22

    What will you do if you burn? Heavy doesn't even think about it, because he always has a banana that will cure him ;)
  16. Suggo

    Meal Mishap

    I decided to learn the TF2 cosmetic workflow for the 72 hour jam. Here's a few screenshots in-blender: And screenshots in-game:
  17. Bakevv

    Heavy Weapons Guy A1

    I drew my heavy lodaout :)
  18. Veliass

    Merry Smissmas 2021![Blender] 2021-12-20

    Merry Smissmas everybody, here is my Jam entry for this year. Rendered in Blender with Cycles. I imported the model and with some Christmas spirit pain on the texture side (between the masks and all that stuff). A lot of post-processing has been made in Photoshop to hide the fact that the...
  19. daltonchicken

    The Scrane 2021-12-20

    the scout defeating the heavy in cold blood
  20. @Psycho on Steam

    Soldier & Heavy's Christmas Card 2021-12-18

    Soldier and his best friend Heavy were feeling the holiday spirit, so they decided to make a Christmas card and send it to all the TF2 players out there.