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  1. Mik3l24

    Fountain Square A1

    It is a KotH map with a relatively open control point, with various points of highground and flanking routes to help in capturing. In the future I want to give it a relaxed, french riviera styled town square vibe, thus the warm Harvest skybox. In actuality it is not my first, second map. The...
  2. vanSulli

    Hybrid Payload Logic Prefab

    This is a prefab for hybrid cp/payload maps, as used in @tyler 's Fountain. It plays like an Overwatch hybrid map: Capture the first point, and then push the payload to its destination. To fit with TF2's theme and HUD, the cart is on an elevator that raises up as the first point is capped.
  3. EArkham

    Town Fountain Model B1 - Link Fix

    FOUNTAIN ASSETS Created by EArkham 2016 Some content is derivative of official Valve content, all rights reserved. This content set will be updated periodically. Please do not redistribute these assets in any way EXCEPT when used...