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  1. Alex.bsp

    Upcoming Autumn Gameday! - Nov 14, 2021

    Autumn Gameday! Say you know what would be a great way to start off the begin of the season? That's right, some fun autumn theme maps made by your fellow mappers here at TF2Maps! I will be personally hosting both on EU and US to give everyone a chance to come by and enjoy these beautifully...
  2. Aapelikaeki

    Apple (duel edit) A2

    This is a duel edit of my map dm_apple for Open Fortress! Apple is a duel map where you fight in a vibrant yet abandoned apple juice factory. Watch the journey of an apple from being brought in to being shipped off as a box of juice. Take a swim in the apple washing pool or fall in the...
  3. Aapelikaeki

    Apple B2A

    Apple is a deathmatch map for Open Fortress. Fight in an abandoned apple juice factory where you can watch the journey of an apple from being brought in to being shipped off as a box of juice. Take a swim in the apple washing pool or fall in the comically large grinder! Discover the superspy...
  4. Lars

    cp_shaftfall a1

    Sup, I've made a new map. My second one actually. It's a 3CP assault map located on a mountain. The map probably has alot of problem, both gameplayish and vissually, but that's what playtesting is for. I hope y'all can still enjoy this map.
  5. Dr.MemeSpoon

    ctf_Water_Fall 2019-08-26

    This is my 2nd ever map! This map has been made to suit most clases in the game! I'm not sure how I should describe this because it's still in alpha. So I think you should download, and play it to see for yourself!
  6. Exactol

    Leaf Particles v1

    leaf_orange_medium_slow leaf_orange_medium_medium leaf_orange_medium_fast leaf_red_medium_slow leaf_red_medium_medium leaf_red_medium_fast For use with: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/fall-oak-trees.4255/ Leaf textures made by Berry.
  7. ISPuddy

    No Fall Damage Zone 1

    when falling hopeless players touches this trigger before hitting the ground fall damage will not take effect on them -this is for those who doesn't have the special fgd or doesn't know how to use actually trigger_add_or_remove_tf_player_attributes.
  8. Void

    Fall Oak Trees v2

    Long-awaited, often-requested Oak trees first seen in my Camp Redmond detail entry last year. Take good care of them, for they are my children. Place the materials and models folders in either tf/ or tf/download/ - whichever you prefer. Put oaks001.vmf in your mapsrc folder of choice. These...
  9. WombatSauce

    Sassafras a4

    A king of the hill map set in autumn. Formerly Fogbreak. Construction theme. If you have any suggestions, post below. Thanks! Pictures:
  10. HQDefault

    "Warning: Fall below" Sign 2016-02-18

    This overlay was created by de_fence. (requested by me) PLEASE don't credit me for it. I just made it usable in hammer.