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Sassafras a4

Construction theme in autumn

A king of the hill map set in autumn. Formerly Fogbreak. Construction theme. If you have any suggestions, post below. Thanks!

a4- 1.jpg

a4- 2.jpg a4- 1.jpg a4- 3.jpg a4- 4.jpg a4- 5.jpg
First release
Last update
King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Gameplay overhall, theme change, and name change

    Notes: Replaced spawn ramp to the battlements building with a drop down changed the rock "ramp" to the sniper bridge to a proper brush one Redesigned second spawn and its half the courtyard Replaced the plank bridge from the long sniper...
  2. little changes

    Change notes: Removed a shipping container from inside a wall, not even gonna try to figure out why it was there Added some displacements at spawn Darkened the environmental lighting Clipping all over the map
  3. Complete Overhall

    Changelog: Redesigned mid Resigned mid house Redesigned spawn