1. Micky Smouse

    koth_crossway a3

    Koth crossway is a map with a layout designed to be fast paced and dynamic. The spaces where imagined to favor a circular motion and allow for fun interactions (at least that's what I'm hopping for) The map is set between two fake factories created by each team to serve as a cover story while...
  2. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Question to the tf2maps staff

    Hello there, When I joined the website back in 2018 to upload my first map I didn't know about the update option and I've uploaded the first 4 versions of the same map as separate downloads:
  3. Random Heavy Main

    BSPSource downloads lead to fake sites

    I have tried to download BSPSource but all download liks lead to fake sites. Does anyone have the original site?
  4. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Lost Custom Content from

    Starting all the way back to 2015. To be very honest with you I really hate when my imagination is limited! Due to that, I straightforward downloaded all of the models, textures, particles & other stuff to keep myself happy! That's why I have them in the first place. Sure, it was a lot of...
  5. BigfootBeto

    Uzaugi A5

    My very first map. Set at a Waterfall, this map is unique in that the Red and Blu teams decided to build their bases right beside each other. Of course, ignoring the yet-to-be beautiful landscape, one is left with a creative map that still offers balanced gameplay (in theory). *Name Changed...
  6. obodobear

    Having some problems with the map resource pack

    So I've tried a couple times to download Boojum Snark's map resource pack, but every time I try to install it, it will go through with the download normally. But what happens is whenever it finishes downloading I click on it and it just automatically deletes itself... Anyone have any ideas?