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    For those folks that were patiently waiting for this post to arrive... sorry, but video editing takes time. I don't really have a lot of free time lately, so I just simply decided to use my keyboard instead & try my best to describe everything from what I wanted to say in my planned video. Sorry about that!

    But anyway. So for the past... 13 months... I didn't realize that I actually had all of the downloaded files from our lost archive.tf2maps.net website. So when I found those files, I already understood that most of them weren't even uploaded to our updated website.

    To proof that I am not bluffing, here you can see that the last time I touch those folders was in 01.09.2015:


    Why did you keep all of the downloaded files?
    From what I can remember, my goal was to simply reorganize files in what year they were made, do they have any .txt files, .vmf files, .bsp files, etc. by simply making even more folders, giving them names with special symbols that have their own meaning.


    Interestingly enough, I also had some backup folders. If for example, I had an accident in which my game (TF2) somehow got deleted with all of the custom content, I would simply use these folders by dragging them back into my re-downloaded Team Fortress 2 folder again.


    But okay, let me just give you the real answer on why I actually keep all of these files in my computer:

    It's because I absolutely hate when my imagination is limited! Due to that, I straightforward downloaded all of the models, textures, particles & other stuff to keep myself happy! That's why I also had to reorganize them!

    Sure, it was a lot of wasted space right there & silly to have all of this stuff in there too, but ehh, I don't really care.
    My satisfaction is all what matters!

    Alrighty then. What did you next?
    After I found the lost content, I decided to download all of the custom files from our updated TF2maps.net website and use a program called WinMerge.

    What's WinMerge?

    It's a really useful tool! I highly recommend it to anyone download it. Trust me, without it I would just waste my time & probably would delete something important in those ass-old folders.

    So anyway, I used the program and I found out that only 1/3 of those files were uploaded to our new TF2maps.net website, while the other 2/3 - wasn't at all!

    Total lost file count: 399

    But that's not all what I did. I also had to check if every single created creation had a .txt file with a written author inside of it. And what do you think? Only 107 files had a .txt file or at least custom named folders with some of the authors' names on them.

    Now let me say this out;
    Before our website TF2maps.net gets updated for some weird reason again and later somehow it loses its archive, how about you, yes YOU lazy asses, go update your downloads by including a small .txt file, WHICH has your name inside of it & that's all! (Well okay, some other small details would also be nice. Ex: best way to contact you & the link of your download's page just in case.)

    Like literally, please do it! You'll be later thankful! I am really asking this for good!

    Now the time.

    Okay, so as of this moment, I am going to publicly upload only those lost assets, whose authors are currently known.
    Yes, ONLY those for now!

    Here's a link for those folks, who's Internet isn't the best, want to download a file by file and/or simply want to take a peek of what you'll see in the download:

    And here - for those who want to download the whole folder of the lost content:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/5lqvlee0h2rngl4/archive.tf2maps.net lost assests [FOR NON-STAFF MEMBERS].zip?dl=0

    But what about other files?
    Other files will be sent to our trustworthy TF2maps.net staff members. But before I do that, those who want to take a look at all of those 399 files, please send me a private message! Thank you! (Also, please tell me on what I can do with them next!)

    Now the final question: Why 13 months?

    <walks away slowly & pretends that heard nothing>

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the lost content!

    Have a great time~
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    Can't wait to look at this nostalgia folder.
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    This is very helpful! thank you for organizing!
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    Oh thank god, you have the Tom Cruise cutout.

    I can finally finish all these WIPs I have.
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    Okay, just get you guys & girls updated, I have sent a message (with download links) to all Staff members of TF2maps.net (except to Freyja who's absent) about all creations of some unknown authors.

    Everything will depend on their choices if some creations should be released publicly or not.

    Btw, those members who are non-staff members, please try to search for some "broken" posts that do not include any download buttons/links. If you found one, please send me a link of that post, so I can provide it with a new download link & just to speed up the whole process in general!

    Thank you!
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