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  1. chuckster

    What are some aspects of each class to consider whilst balancing?

    Basically about to release my very first map in its A1 and want to do a quick rundown before I launch it. When I say aspects, I mean benefits and downsides classes have and how the map affects them. For example, Heavies are great for defending points but are extremely easy to flank with high...
  2. ммα | ∂αиỉєℓ

    cp_redrock b3

    Like the description says, my first attempt at a map with a more competitive focus. This level will serve as my graduation assignment. Took so inspiration from other maps and the goal is to shape this thing into something amazing.
  3. Qersojan

    Game Balance : Proper Trade-Offs

    At the risk of sounding pretentious, I will attempt to explain the theory behind weapon side-grades, and why certain weapons are unbalanced. TF2 tries to ensure the game is fair by making all weapons equal in strength, so new players aren't put at a disadvantage. This also gives the game more...
  4. Erk

    Upcoming Changes to the Case System

    "August 18, 2017 - TF2 Team We've been working on ways to improve our case system and want to share some changes that are coming with the Pyro update. Our two primary goals are to simplify the case-opening process, so it's easy to determine the specific content (unusuals, bonus drops, etc.)...
  5. Narpas

    What makes a point easy/hard to defend/capture?

    What makes a point easy or hard for a team to defend or capture? Taking into account different styles of points as well, such as the first point of an attack/defend map or second/forth of a 5cp map, versus the final point of an attack/defend or 5cp map, versus the mid of a 5cp map or KotH map.