Upcoming Changes to the Case System

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Aug 6, 2016

"August 18, 2017 - TF2 Team

We've been working on ways to improve our case system and want to share some changes that are coming with the Pyro update. Our two primary goals are to simplify the case-opening process, so it's easy to determine the specific content (unusuals, bonus drops, etc.) that come out of cases, and to add more value to the player each time a case is opened. Crates will not be affected by these changes.

  • These changes will be applied to all existing cases released from the Gun Mettle Update forward (and to all subsequent case releases).
  • Cases will share a list of effects for the Unusual items received from the cases. Specialty cases that have community-created Unusual effects will continue to have those community effects but will also use the shared list of effects when determining which effect to grant for an Unusual item. For example, if you open the Quarantined Collection Case or the Confidential Collection Case from the Invasion update and receive an Unusual item, the effect for the item will be picked from the combined Invasion-themed Unusual effects list and the shared list of Unusual effects that all cases share. Weapon cases and cosmetic cases will have separate lists for Unusual effects, but will operate under the same system.
  • All cases will have a chance to receive bonus drops when opened. Bonus drops will come from a shared list that all cases use. All cases will use the same bonus chances to determine if bonus drops are received. For example, a bonus drop item might be a taunt Unusualifier.
  • The shared lists of Unusual effects and bonus drops will be cycled periodically to change the combinations of items being received. This may include special limited-time versions of the shared lists for holiday events.
  • We're also working to improve case descriptions so it's easier to determine exactly what can be received by opening a case (Strange items, Unusual items with which effects, bonus drops, etc.).

We don't have a date for the Pyro update that we can share yet, but we're working to finish it as soon as possible. If you have feedback about the case changes or anything else you'd like to share with the TF2 team, send it to us using the Contact Form on the right taskbar (under "Contact Us").

Quick note about the Balance Changes blog post: We've had lots of great feedback from the community about the changes and we really appreciate it. Thanks!"


I thought the bot would post this already, but I guess not. I'll just post it here, because I just want to hear what the community thinks of it.

I just added the crate pic because I thought it would look nice.