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times_cubic_72hr a7

The 72hr remake for times cubic!

Special Thanks to FGD5 for making the custom cap point model

NOTE: Filenames will from now on no longer include "72hr" because these versions are no longer made within the 72hr period.

This is a remake of an old map of mine named koth_times_cubic made for the 2019 72hr jam!

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Latest updates

  1. a7 - update

    Whats New? Added an arrow Added an "open" route Removed one way door Added small ammopack in mid Added Custom cap point model by FGD5! Thanks to all the playtesters!
  2. a6 - post 72hr update

    Whats New? Changed mids trigger shape to not let people cap on top of the stair roofs as easly Redesigned small room Made Metro area more spacious Increased door trigger volume Thanks to all the playtesters! NOTE: Filenames will from now on no...
  3. a5 - update

    Whats New! fixed train warning simplifyed stair room got rid of a door added new route to subway increased defending teams respawn time detailing Thanks to all the playtesters! dindt make it in time but i hope its fine :(