Windyrock Release Candidate 1

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Well, RC1, unless bugs come out… I'M HECKING DONE
Welp, that would be almost all with this baby, next version will reinclude 3D skybox and will receive RC1 title.

Thanks y'all for testing and feedback.
  • Raised Last point
  • Clipped Sewers even more
  • Minor lighting changes
  • Updated most of the lights already on map and added many more to help gameplay
  • Dimmed the environmental lighting to more fit dusk/night theme.
  • Improved clipping in number of places
  • Added more detail to initial spawns
This is most likely last update before next detailing pass and Release Canditdate
Opened map a bunch (possibly hurting optimisation a little) to make it feel more natural and remove weird cuts caused by skybox
Added new one way route from computer room to last
  • Forgot to texture mid spawns >.>
  • Detailing
  • Minor changes to lighting​
  • Removed all "dev" textures in the map​
Now on steam workshop!
  • Added a try to break mid sightline at least a bit;
  • Texturing and detailing;

I think gameplay is refined enough, so I can focus purely on detailing next updates.
Mostly fixes, changes in lighting and visibility