Wimbledon A1

King of the Hill comes to South London. Fifteen love!

  1. Mattie
    You'd think a trip to Wimbledon would offer opportunities for strawberries, cream, and various racket-based summer sports, right? Not for the TF mercs! For them, the only sports they'll be playing are BLOOD SPORTS, the only points they'll be winning are CONTROL POINTS (well, one control point) and the only ball boys they'll be encountering are SANDMAN SCOUTS. (THERE IS NO TEAM FORTRESS METAPHOR FOR STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM.)

    This is a small King of the Hill map originally created four years ago under a different name and using a Mannhattan/Central Park theme. I've elected to roll this eternal WIP back to an A1 and unleash it 'pon the world again, starting to detail it in a London theme assembled with a combination of my own custom assets and community asset packs. Imagine Frankenstein but with a prim Edwardian suburb instead of a hideous man monster and you've got the idea.

    Let me know what you think. Feedback from all areas is appreciated but I'd be interested to hear thoughts on:
    • Sniper sightlines (and how to rectify them)
    • Heights - should I cut down on those high places that Soldiers and Demos can reach (either by new geometry or by clipping?)
    • The theme - will I need more/better custom assets to fully realise my intended aesthetic? (and will anyone model 'em for me, since I can't model for shit?) koth_wimbledon_a10013.jpg koth_wimbledon_a10012.jpg koth_wimbledon_a10011.jpg koth_wimbledon_a10017.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. mallek
    Version: A1
    This map is great, would not change a thing, I love the setting.