inandout_mattie Last updated 5/9/2021

Quintessence of the Waves

  1. Mattie
    My winning entry for the 2021 In & Out detailing contest. Savour the 21st-century comforts of Quintessence of the Waves, the gleaming jewel of BluSea Cruise Lines’ fleet, as it crosses the Gulf of Mexico.

    (note: for the best playing experience I would encourage you to walk around this map rather than noclip or blast jump - explore it as a passenger would, not as a merc)

    (also, if the ocean + restaurant water are showing up as completely smooth planes, enter sv_pure 2 in the developer console - this should allow you to see them with ripples as intended)

    d380846a_original.jpg 1ee26018_original.jpg 142b5ab2_original.jpg 2bc2c738_original.jpg 078da1a5_original.jpg e4b0d5d5_original.jpg 75cbe4d4_original.jpg 2f92d393_original.jpg bd7b75f3_original.jpg