Well Event

Well Event A3

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-Fixed goalstring cutting off
-Fixed BLU respawn room signs using wrong skin
-Fixed displacement issue near the tunnel-spawn
-Improved visibility in places
-Raised skybox outside
-Added trigger_hurt on the river of souls (this is to prevent ghost players from flying there and getting stuck)
-Updated clipping on the river of souls
-Made the river of souls louder and adjusted the time slightly between it triggering.
-Lowered the push trigger on the river of souls
-Possible fix for red ghosts not appearing for some players
-Removed the spell-pickup near spawn
-Opened up the mid little bit by adding extra space by the new building
-Made one of the "train-cart" covers thinner and smaller (this still covers the door little bit, but should allow snipers to cover more distance)
-Bombinomicon now uses playVO instead of ambient_generic for his voice lines
-Improved Hell Arena NavMesh for skellingtons
-Hell Arena has been reworked (previous version had some issues with:Engineer shutting areas down, excessive flank routes , the movement choices were bit meaningless and was too small for the movement-speed bonus gained from the powerup )

Spell stuff:
-Increased healing ghost-spell gives from 3 seconds to 7.
-Updated bomb-head-spell: it now explodes now on contact or if 8 seconds pass,but no longer spawns smaller bombs.

Workaround stuff:
-Hell-arena ghosts have been removed again
-Fixed clipping on the spawn stairs
-Fixed spooky floating lamp (ooOoOOoOo)
-Improved lighting in places
-Added intels on pedestals (i'll probably make some model or something to make it more clear, that you're getting the powerup bonus from capping the intel)
-Added glow for the beam when it gets enabled in sudden-death
-Adjusted the time player needs to be on the beam to escape hell from 5 seconds to 3
-Sudden-death move speed buff changed from 1.5 to 1.35
-Ghost-spell doesn't minify the player anymore (I had added this the prevent the players from getting stuck, but this is no-longer needed anymore due map not using "ghost-passable" walls gimmick anymore)
-The mid has been reworked to be less flat, adding additional route to the second floor and trying to remove the shutter-door sight line.
-Most spell pickups have been removed from the arena (at least for now) due Rare-spells showing up in the common spell pool (thx valve), thus making balance bit meaningless when RNG can just roll bunch of insta-K.O. spells
-Timer increased from 5mins to 6
-Bombinomicon no longer opens up the stalemate-beam after the other team is killed
-Added no crumpkins annotation (i'll just replace the crumpkin model with regular ammopack in the final version, or i might change the crumpkis to do something else)
-Changed Goal string to: " If the time runs out, each Intel capture gives you powerups in suddendeath. "
-Updated Bombhead-spell to drop few smaller bombs while active (The Bombhead spell feels bit cumbersome to use and i might rework it later completely)
-Fixed Bombhead-spell not removing BLU prefabs completely

Workaround stuff:
-Added "Sudden-death" annotation
-Players can get into the dead-ghost form again in the Arena
Basically the same map, but now it works without the "mp_stalemate_enable 1" so it could get tested faster (although these workarounds might be bit janky and buggy).

-Fixed some clipping brushes near the well stairs
-Added team colored textures to the hell buildings
-Added extra hell cameras
-Overworld cameras get disabled on sudden-death

Workaround stuff:
-The flag gets dropped and disabled when timer reaches 1 (due not having overtime, the flag could get carried into the hell)
-More time gets added on timer exp, so the sudden death has 3min timer
-Health and ammo gets resupplied when entering arena
-Spawn points get switched to the pit
-Respawn timer gets increased to 666sec on sudden-death (heh)
-Triggers for Red and Blu that send Endtouch output with 8sec delay to the round_win (this needs to be delayed due ghost form not being able to use triggers, which means using ghost-spell could trigger the victory for the enemy team prematurely )