Well Event

Well Event A3

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Well Event A3

Spookified version of CTF well, with some new spells and arena slapped on top of it

Spooky version of a map that no one asked for!
Map has 4 "new" spells that replace some of the old ones:
  • Ghost spell that turns player into a ghost for 8 seconds that can heal themselves and nearby players.
  • Crit-boost spell that gives 3 seconds of crits.
  • Random pickup spell that gives 5 random pickups.
  • Rare bomb-head spell that turns the users head into a bomb that explodes on contact with the enemy dealing huge amount of dmg!
If the maps timer runs out, the map enters sudden death Hell-arena, with each flag capture before giving the team some boost in the fight.
First release
Last update
Capture The Flag

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Latest updates

  1. Major arena layout overhaul

    -Fixed goalstring cutting off -Fixed BLU respawn room signs using wrong skin -Fixed displacement issue near the tunnel-spawn -Improved visibility in places -Raised skybox outside -Added trigger_hurt on the river of souls (this is to prevent ghost...
  2. Mid rework and some other stuff

    -Fixed clipping on the spawn stairs -Fixed spooky floating lamp (ooOoOOoOo) -Improved lighting in places -Added intels on pedestals (i'll probably make some model or something to make it more clear, that you're getting the powerup bonus from...
  3. Wow an update that does basically nothing!

    Basically the same map, but now it works without the "mp_stalemate_enable 1" so it could get tested faster (although these workarounds might be bit janky and buggy). -Fixed some clipping brushes near the well stairs -Added team colored textures...