VMTs: Weapon Skins 3.0

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  1. Tumby
    VMTs for all textures you can find on your skinned weapons. Some textures are not included, as they don't really work on brushes or aren't meant to appear on their own.
    The textures are really big, mostly 2048x2048. Feel free to scale them down as much as you need. However, some are really small (usually gradients). You better scale those up!
    In order to find the materials, type in the keyword field either "pattern", "skin", "paint" or "warpaint". The commonly used "tf" keyword will not work, simply because it would clutter usual work.
    If you want to edit the reflection or other material properties, use the files patterns/patch_opaque01.vmt and patterns/patch_overlay01.vmt.


    1. 2fort_signage_red.jpg
    2. camo_jungle_green_02.jpg
    3. powerhouse_waves.jpg
    4. 502100933.jpg
    5. 499990564.jpg
    6. pyr_flames.jpg

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  1. Anonymous
    Version: 3.0
    i should make a bed with these texture