Undergrove rc1

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Undergrove rc1

A fast-paced KOTH map set in a dense forest

Steam workshop link

At the heart of a lush, mysterious forest, blanketed in a soft layer of afternoon shade by a canopy of sturdy oaks, lies an inconspicuous supply station- the site of the latest clash between RED and BLU. Prepare to exact bloodthirsty revenge on your enemies whilst admiring the towering formidability of an old-growth forest- all in a fast-paced KOTH map!


Sweepertank- design, layout, detailing
Dr. Spud- Landfall assets, theming inspiration
Nineaxis- Landfall posters
EArkham- Sequoia trees
Freyja- Theming inspiration
Frontline/Bulletcrops/Construction packs
Berry- Grass blend
MaccyF- Mirrored rocks
Crowbar- Stripless metal textures
Void- Blue radar reskin
TheDarkerSideofYourShadow- Skybox pine trees
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. rc1

    rc1 -Minor prop orientation, clipping, and detail fixes -Updated health/ammo packs: -Added small health kits under buildings near cave entrances -Added small ammo kit in cave area -Changed medium ammo kit above deathpit to small ammo kit and...
  2. b4

    b4 -Whoopsie daisy, everything is mirrored now! (bc it looks better) -Minor clipping adjustments
  3. b3

    b3 -Clipping pass, minor visual tweaks Undergrove is now on the Steam workshop!

Latest reviews

While I think the Halloween version with the extra gimmicks like the 3v3 arena is a lot more fun, I still think this is a decent map with a nice layout to it.
beautiful map and super fun to play on!
One of the first maps I downloaded from this website and I love it even at an alpha stage. The gameplay has proven fun on my small server with a few friends and once the decoration is completed I reckon this'll earn a 5. I would also say that slightly, but not drastically rougher displacements could go a long way to improving the natural look to the map. This is optional though, if you like them as they are, keep them! I've been mapping a few weeks and I'm certainly no expert. Overall I say 'Keep up the good work!'
Thanks! If you or anyone else who played has any more feedback related to layout or gameplay, I would encourage you/them to leave it on the map thread.