Undergrove rc1

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-Minor prop orientation, clipping, and detail fixes

-Updated health/ammo packs:

-Added small health kits under buildings near cave entrances​

-Added small ammo kit in cave area​

-Changed medium ammo kit above deathpit to small ammo kit and added small health kit alongside it​

-Whoopsie daisy, everything is mirrored now! (bc it looks better)

-Minor clipping adjustments

-Clipping pass, minor visual tweaks

Undergrove is now on the Steam workshop!

Hey, it’s been a while! This version has been mostly ready for a few months, but I haven’t had the time to get it finalized and released until now. There’s still some stuff to be ironed out, particularly in terms of clipping and optimization, so stay tuned for future updates!


-Full artpass

-Too many layout/scaling changes to list

-Scaled down length of the mid platform and reduced depth of the surrounding "ravine" area

-Edited the rooftop vantage points, and added a new platform with a barrier to force engineers to expose sentries more

-Narrowed route under the bridge

-Added ramps to up to the bridge in the area between the bridge and white building, and modified preexisting ramps

-Remade much of the white building to make it more freeing to navigate, less isolated from outside combat, and more usable for snipers

-Added cover in middle route from spawn to block a sightline, and created slight height advantage for players leaving spawn

-Clipping fixes

-Added windows to sightline blockers before the bridge

-Moved health and ammo packs from the fence to directly in front of middle buildings

-Changed geometry of the rooftop battlements to make it more obvious that the adjacent roof cannot be accessed

-Added lights to the tunnel route

-Fixed players being able to stand on some fences

-Refined tunnel area connecting upper plateaus with mid

-Changed geometry of the white building to block sightlines

-Reduced unnecessary space in rightmost (from Red's perspective) passage at spawn

-Added a nice shack to the upper plateaus. (You can hide in this shack, if you want to! You don't have to though.)

-The shack is really nice! Please hide in the shack.
-Fixed packing issues

-Reworked tunnel flanks:

-Previously, the sections that connected to exits under the point were found to be too interconnected and needlessly complex. These have been removed.

-To compensate for this removal of routes, the elevated tunnel passage has been expanded and now connects to the "ravine" area under the point
-Shack that previously connected to the tunnel flanks has been removed and replaced with a larger building that functions as a side route to the point, as well as a battlements rooftop

-Lighthouse has been replaced with an easier to navigate building

-"Ravine" area is now less deep, hopefully to make attacking mid from the ramps more viable

-Removed pine trees around the point

-Expanded courtyard leading up to mid slightly

-Added ammo under mid, adjusted other pickups