Moldergrove rc3e

Delve into the grim recesses of a decaying forest, honing both your KOTH and 3v3 skills alike!

  1. Sweepertank
    Ah, the pristine wilderness: the beloved home of countless fauna-dwelling creatures, the stalwart opponent of reckless human exploitation, the immortal muse of the great Transcendentalists; in sum, a hardy testament to the limitless natural beauty of our world...

    ...until now!

    Because on this grim Halloween night, something most foul and unnatural has entrenched itself in the tortuous root systems of the Undergrove, draining it of its verdant energy and depriving it of all natural life. Delve into the grim recesses of the now-dessicated Moldergrove, battling your foes amidst the withering remains of formerly lush woodland-- but be careful! Capturing the point will open portals to the underworld, where two players from each team will fight to the death for a temporary team-wide kritz boost. You’ll need to combine your traditional team-based KOTH skills as well as your faster 2v2 reflexes to succeed in the Moldergrove… so enter if you dare!


    Dr. Spud- Landfall trees
    EArkham- Sequoia trees
    Frontline/Bulletcrops/Construction packs
    MaccyF- Mirrored rocks
    Crowbar- Stripless metal textures
    Void- Blue radar reskin


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    Version: rc3e
    Enjoyed this and the non-event version.