undercrypt b9

5cp map set in and around 2 crypts

  1. Ezekel
    Ever wanted to fight over control of capture points in the basement of a cathedral? well now you can!

    Fight for 5cp supremacy in the depths of the crypts of red and blue teams, in a map that delivers an environment never before seen in TF2!


    1. cp_undercrypt_b80002.jpg
    2. cp_undercrypt_b80003.jpg
    3. cp_undercrypt_b80004.jpg
    4. cp_undercrypt_b80005.jpg
    5. cp_undercrypt_b80006.jpg
    6. cp_undercrypt_b80007.jpg
    7. cp_undercrypt_b80008.jpg
    8. cp_undercrypt_b80009.jpg
    9. cp_undercrypt_b80010.jpg
    10. cp_undercrypt_b80012.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. update to b8