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Gothic b9

Made by Ezekel

  1. Ezekel

    a steel type map set in a castle/fortress that's in the process of being gutted to house some sort of device.

    originally i wanted to have a dracula's castle sort of feel with a dr. frankenstein's lab for the final. things haven't turned out that way in the end, but i still like where this is going so far.

    i hope to work on this more over the summer, and see where it goes.


    1. cp_gothic_b10004.jpg
    2. cp_gothic_b40005.jpg
    3. cp_gothic_event0015.jpg
    4. cp_gothic_b60000.jpg
    5. cp_gothic_b60001.jpg
    6. cp_gothic_b60002.jpg
    7. cp_gothic_b60003.jpg
    8. cp_gothic_b60004.jpg
    9. cp_gothic_b60005.jpg
    10. cp_gothic_b60006.jpg
    11. cp_gothic_b60007.jpg
    12. cp_gothic_b60008.jpg
    13. cp_gothic_b70001.jpg
    14. cp_gothic_b70000.jpg
    15. cp_gothic_b70002.jpg
    16. cp_gothic_b70003.jpg
    17. cp_gothic_b7_10000.jpg
    18. cp_gothic_b7_10001.jpg
    19. cp_gothic_b7_10002.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. gameplay changes and some detailing changes

Recent Reviews

  1. radarhead
    Version: b9
    Steel-type that isn't desert theme? Heck yes!