Underhanded b4c

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Underhanded b4c



Underhanded b4
Undermining all foes!

currently available in Strawberry Beta flavour!

A new locale has emerged in the constant search for those fabled pits of gravel.
In the mounting desperation, fuelled by the ever growing gravel shortages, the teams have taken to searching below the surface of the earth itself.
In preparation for the ensuing subterrainean conflict, both sides have contracted out for underground bases from the famous fortress builders of TF2M.
Unfortunately, both teams have selected the same site for their secret bases, and when this is discovered, all hell breaks loose as each side tries to repel the interlopers.


- tagged most particle systems as weather
- fixed the forwardspawns so that they are only accessible at the correct times

- added some more metal
- made it harder to get to the enemy's spawn door at final
- added a flanking staircase in the base

- fixed a crash bug when loaded on tf2m server

- significant layout changes

- added invisible clipping to all doorframes.
- changed medkit distribution within the bases.
- made changes to the central area (walkways, elavator shafts, exchanged rocks for portacabins).
- changed the front base entrance to make it more accessible.
- removed balcony access on the right flank.
- redesigned the intel room.
- other minor changes.

- fixed a bug where no light was reaching small areas on a wall in the rocketrooms.
- added a resupply locker to the forward spawn room (spawn room is still exit only, but people suggested that this would assist in dealing with campers).
- minor changes to cap times and spawn times.
- added small ammo packs to the side paths.
- removed the ammo from the top floor of the rocketroom.
- changed the forward spawn opening mechanic so that it doesn't pop out through the floor above.
- increased the size of the capture area for the middle 3 points.
- added more cover to the final cap area to promote more sentry-antisentry combat.
- moved the position of the final cap to a more central point in the room.
- removed a couple of erroneous (overlapping) brushes.
- fixed a mistake in the soundscape file that had the central area's volume and pitch values switched for the thunder.

b1: converted from CTF to CP game mode
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP
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