Ultraviolet (OF) a1

DM map for Open Fortress featuring a giant purple lazer

  1. A1


    - Added weapons
    - Added pickups
    - Added powerups
    - Added lighting
    - Some detailing
    - Changed texture on the breakable glass at the front desk to AsG's striped glass texture so it's easier to see
    - Raised air vents up a bit so it's more obvious which ones you can jump up into
    - Tried to add a func_monitor because I heard that it supposedly works in OF, but I couldn't get it to function properly; that'll be something to fix at a later date


    dm_ultraviolet_a10006.jpg dm_ultraviolet_a10007.jpg dm_ultraviolet_a10008.jpg dm_ultraviolet_a10009.jpg dm_ultraviolet_a10010.jpg
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