Ultraviolet (OF) A0

DM map for Open Fortress featuring a giant purple lazer

  1. Narpas
    The map dm_ultraviolet is a map made for the TF2 mod Open Fortress. It requires Open Fortress to run, and will not work for stock TF2, so go download it if you want to check it out.

    I've not really played much deathmatch, so I've decided to release this map in a "alpha 0" state, lacking lighting and most logic, so I can get feedback on the layout and stuff before pushing a full version for a test. As such, it is fullbright and has no weapon drops, so isn't really in much of a playable state. No screenshots for now, but expect some once I do a proper a1 release.

    Uses my island_grate001 transparent edit and my vent001 full prop

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  1. True lemon
    True lemon
    Version: A0
    finish this map