Ultiduo_RadioTower A1

A radiotower-themed map for Ultiduo.

  1. YoyoMann
    RED & BLU have taken a short break from fighting over gravel, instead, they thought ''Hmm, nobody looks at gravel anymore, but they do listen to things with their ears!'' and so now RED & BLU are fighting over who gets the only working radiotower in Teufort. But basically they just go back to fighting over gravel.

    This is the second map that I've made, but the first one to be fully textured. Finished it in one day, if you guys like it then I'll continue updating it to your requests and suggestions, thanks! ultiduo_radiotower_v10001.jpg ultiduo_radiotower_v10002.jpg ultiduo_radiotower_v10003.jpg ultiduo_radiotower_v10004.jpg ultiduo_radiotower_v10005.jpg ultiduo_radiotower_v10006.jpg