Treeline a3

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Treeline a3

A koth map set on a roof near a high cliff.

So, yeah, I made a map. It's not the first source map I've made but it's the first one i made that I feel is good enough to release. I made this map generally to learn the process of making and releasing a full, complete map for TF2 and I don't expect it to be a great map(though I wouldn't mind if it was :D), or even a good map. It's just a map that I'm going to try to improve and learn to, eventually, make more serious and professional maps.

Some lore for the map if your into that kind of stuff
RED forms the company Red Logging as a cover to build a weapon laboratory in a mountainous, alpine jungle. To cut down on construction cost they strike a deal with the logging company Blue Lumber Co. Coincidentally Blue Lumber Co was a cover for BLU who also wanted to build a Weapons Factory and cut costs. Both Companies quickly agreed and began building a large sawmill on a mountain side. Unable to resist spying on their neighbors both teams uncover intelligence that their enemy is preparing to attack them. With no time to lose they both engage in a fierce battle to take control of the facility.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. The Small Update

    I finally got to repacking a3. It's been finished and sitting around my computer for what.. a month? oh well. Change log -added a small building as cover -removed rain effect -added experimental detailing -added more height variation outside...
  2. The update everyone wanted but no one cares about - everythings bigger.

    Just pretend a1 didn't exist. Yes, it was that bad. Changelog -Increased the maps size -Extended courtyard and connectors -simplified area under the point -moved some of the pickups -experimental details and lighting added -increased the...