Backlog a5

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Backlog a5

Warning: Contains logs

Made for the 2017 Summer 72 Jam!

Backlog is a single stage payload race map set in some forest, somewhere, some how.
It uses the overtime roll forward mechanic used in Nightfall.
It also has a pit that must be opened before the cart can be pushed in and the point captured.


A big thanks to A Boojum Snark for The Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack, As well as Ravidge for the uses of their awesome Lighting Library, and Yrr for their Locked Door Texture.

I also used the Landfall Assets.

Please leave any feedback if you have some.
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Latest updates

  1. A5 - The Smallinationing

    Change Log: - Remade mid again, should provide the more snappy back and forth gameplay that plr needs. - Added some height advantage for the attacking team over the entrance to mid. - Added some back routes that lead to said height advantages. -...
  2. A4: The Remiddening

    a4: Change Log This version I decided to basically rework the flow of the map so that it has more back and forth pushing like in most plr maps. -Completely removed the old cart starting area. -Added a new mid to the map, as well as new...
  3. a3 - Some slightly better geometry

    last minute update. Just an update to the building geometry.