Trash water A5A

don't pollute, or mother nature will kick your ass!

  1. The Attack UPDATE!

    A4 is out and it's time to go over the list of changes! special thanks to Muddy! who is one of the best testers I've seen...and not herd.

    -removed full AMMO from spawn area
    +sped up blast doors to 300
    +expanded 2 door ways
    +more signs
    +3 new small HP in garage
    +1 new full HP in garage
    +ambulance in garage
    +made path too sniper battlements a little bigger
    +new details!
    +dimmed lights in NO RESPAWN ROOM!
    +lowered down court yard deck and made it a bit easier to clime
    +medium HP pack added to court yard deck
    +medium AMMO pack added to court yard deck

    thanks for testing! can't wait for A4 test results! i can almost feel Beta ;)
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