Trainyard rc1

MVM map with trains

  1. FortyTwo
    Previously known as mvm_cargo, Trainyard is a Mann vs Machine map, set in a construction place. This map also contain trains that robots can capture to take a shortcut and bring an extra bomb, making the gameplay harder.

    Dropbox for all of the files -

    Thanks to the potato's MVM servers for all of the playtests! -


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Recent Updates

  1. RC1
  2. Small layout changes
  3. Major artpass

Recent Reviews

  1. Weiner Wagon
    Weiner Wagon
    Version: a9
    Great Map
  2. Fillmore
    Version: a4
    Dev has listened to feedback and map plays a lot better as a result. Has great potential, based on earlier playtests.
  3. BlazingDiancie
    Version: a1
    Yo Epic, it's your friend BlazingDiancie. One word: PROMISING. I can see so much potential in this map I can't even describe it. Work hard, and this map could become one of the most original and awesome maps I've ever seen.