Trainyard rc3d

MVM map with trains

  1. FortyTwo
    Previously known as mvm_cargo, Trainyard is a Mann vs Machine map, set in a construction place. This map also contain trains that robots can capture to take a shortcut and bring an extra bomb, making the gameplay harder.

    Dropbox for all of the files -

    If you want to know how to make missions for this map, all info can be found in zip file example.pop

    Thanks to the potato's MVM servers for all of the playtests! -


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Recent Reviews

  1. Gravidea
    Version: rc3d
    Excellent map with a unique concept! No bugs to report, just a really awesome map with trains! If there was some hope of an MvM update some day in the far off future, this is the kind of awesome map I'd love to see a part of that update!
  2. Weiner Wagon
    Weiner Wagon
    Version: a9
    Great Map
  3. Fillmore
    Version: a4
    Dev has listened to feedback and map plays a lot better as a result. Has great potential, based on earlier playtests.
  4. BlazingDiancie
    Version: a1
    Yo Epic, it's your friend BlazingDiancie. One word: PROMISING. I can see so much potential in this map I can't even describe it. Work hard, and this map could become one of the most original and awesome maps I've ever seen.