Train Valley A6b

Cactus Canyon inspired KOTH map

  1. A6b - an actual update

    This update includes the changes from A6 plus the following:
    -adjusted the enviroment lighting, shadows and fog to be less blue
    -increased the height of the mid highground (this prevents you from being able to see to the other side's highground)
    -various texture changes to make the map look less repetitive
    -the lower ground next to mid now goes up higher
    -the gray building at the trainyard ledge now goes out further
    -simplified the interior of the route going up to said ledge
    -removed the...
  2. A6 fix

    Uploaded the vmf file instead of the bsp file accidentaly.
    Now it should be fixed.

    Also I wont update the screenshots until there are more changes.
  3. A6

    -Added remnants of a building at the point for improved(?) gameplay
    -Shifted some stuff around
    -The train is a bit slower
    -Thats it


    1. 20200222230947_1.jpg
    2. 20200222230928_1.jpg
  4. A5

    -the map now has an alpine theme
    -improved lighting
    -closed off the path to the enemy side from the side buildings
    (you can still get to the train tracks and jump over the fence)
    -added medium health packs near the tracks coming out of the side buildings
    -the right ramp going up to mid now goes up higher and has a raised area before it
    -added more cover in the side buildings
    -improved the connector building interiors
    -other minor layout changes
    -more visual changes...
  5. A4

    -Opened up the side buildings again
    -They now have a route leading out to the train's path and from there players can either go to the enemy side or go through the train gates when they open
    -You can go up to the platforms at mid again from the side buildings
    -Replaced the wall at the mid platform with a stack of crates to make the point more open
    -Adjusted the walls next to the point and at the left ramps
    -Added more cover to the area in front of mid
    -The ground before mid is now less flat...
  6. A3

    -Added more lights to reduce dark areas
    -Closed off the side buildings at mid
    -Reduced the height of the platform connecting to the side buildings
    -The mid area is now a bit smaller
    -Added more cover at mid
    -A rocks at the right yard are now a building that reduces sightlines better
    -Adjusted the small shack and the exits at the yard
    -Adjusted pickups and observer positions...
  7. A2

    -increased train timer (40s > 50s)
    -the train is now shorter
    -increased capture area size
    -redid the spawns completely
    (one centered exit and one backup side exit instead of two side ones)
    -improved the transition buildings and made them more connected
    -made the side buildings at mid smaller
    -added a ramp at the right yard going up to mid
    (replacing the exit going to the enemy side from the side buildings)
    -added a walkway up to mid from the train yard
    (replacing the boxcar with the wooden...