Train Valley A6b

Cactus Canyon inspired KOTH map

  1. A5

    -the map now has an alpine theme
    -improved lighting
    -closed off the path to the enemy side from the side buildings
    (you can still get to the train tracks and jump over the fence)
    -added medium health packs near the tracks coming out of the side buildings
    -the right ramp going up to mid now goes up higher and has a raised area before it
    -added more cover in the side buildings
    -improved the connector building interiors
    -other minor layout changes
    -more visual changes

    20191031230015_1.jpg 20191031230058_1.jpg
    20191031230135_1.jpg 20191031230157_1.jpg
    20191031230238_1.jpg 20191031230309_1.jpg
    20191031230345_1.jpg 20191031230457_1.jpg
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