Train Valley A6b

Cactus Canyon inspired KOTH map

  1. A4

    -Opened up the side buildings again
    -They now have a route leading out to the train's path and from there players can either go to the enemy side or go through the train gates when they open
    -You can go up to the platforms at mid again from the side buildings
    -Replaced the wall at the mid platform with a stack of crates to make the point more open
    -Adjusted the walls next to the point and at the left ramps
    -Added more cover to the area in front of mid
    -The ground before mid is now less flat
    -Changed and added more signs to help navigation
    -Other visual changes

    20191027134015_1.jpg 20191027134121_1.jpg
    20191027134143_1.jpg 20191027134220_1.jpg
    20191027134230_1.jpg 20191027134330_1.jpg
    20191027134315_1.jpg 20191027134538_1.jpg
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