Train Valley A6b

Cactus Canyon inspired KOTH map

  1. A3

    -Added more lights to reduce dark areas
    -Closed off the side buildings at mid
    -Reduced the height of the platform connecting to the side buildings
    -The mid area is now a bit smaller
    -Added more cover at mid
    -A rocks at the right yard are now a building that reduces sightlines better
    -Adjusted the small shack and the exits at the yard
    -Adjusted pickups and observer positions

    20191025160942_1.jpg 20191025161020_1.jpg 20191025161046_1.jpg 20191025161126_1.jpg 20191025161205_1.jpg 20191025161233_1.jpg 20191025161319_1.jpg 20191025161445_1.jpg
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