Train Valley A6b

Cactus Canyon inspired KOTH map

  1. A2

    -increased train timer (40s > 50s)
    -the train is now shorter
    -increased capture area size
    -redid the spawns completely
    (one centered exit and one backup side exit instead of two side ones)
    -improved the transition buildings and made them more connected
    -made the side buildings at mid smaller
    -added a ramp at the right yard going up to mid
    (replacing the exit going to the enemy side from the side buildings)
    -added a walkway up to mid from the train yard
    (replacing the boxcar with the wooden bridge)
    -the pile of props in the right yard have been simplified into a brush
    -the train yard area is now more open
    -adjusted pickup positions

    20191022221942_1.jpg 20191022222010_1.jpg
    20191022222036_1.jpg 20191022222057_1.jpg
    20191022222127_1.jpg 20191022222223_1.jpg
    20191022222259_1.jpg 20191022222408_1.jpg
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