toxin a7a

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-added stopclock mode
-fixed some holes
-reduced intel drop down room ammo packs and healthkits
-opened window to intel room so defenders can more easily re take their intel room
-added detailing examples
-New window to intel rooms
-pushed back raised platform in intel rooms
-extended spawn areas
-pushed entrances to intel closer to middle
-added more cover to spawn areas
-added prop jump to defender area
-added cover to the lower intel exit on the leftmost spawn exit for both sides ( to be consistent with the upper spawn exits sight line blocker of the upper exit)
-added raised platform to intel room that has view of one of the entrances but can be easily spammed from below
-placed relevant signs to direct players to the intel room
-fixed some clips
-expaned defense area outside of spawns by a bit
-fixed some crack sightlines
-lowered some doors
-Added clearer sinage towards intel location
-Added doorway to window route
-Fixed broken damage triggers
-Added flag respawn triggers to intel deathpits
whats new?
  • removed toxic waste shortcut pipe
  • removed some windows from flank room
  • added areaportals
  • minor changes
thanks to all the playtesters!