Past 72hr Jam Entry Toto A8

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Past 72hr Jam Entry Toto A8

Find some long-forgotten words or ancient melodies!

A small, fast-paced King of the Hill map using the Frontline pack in a North African setting - with a twist! Cap the point and discover the secrets!
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King of the Hill

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  1. is a8 pronounced like ate

    Had to take some time off to clear my head, sorry about that! Here's what's changed: Relic Changes: The effect of the Relic has been changed to provide 8 seconds of speed boost, mini-crits, a defense buff, and marks the carrier for death. The...
  2. The Relic Update

    This one's a doozy! Lots of gameplay changes and optimization to make Toto the best it can be, while going back to its unique roots without going into full-on Halloween territory that everyone loved to dislike! Here's what's changed! Introducing...
  3. "It's Okay"

    Hey so turns out Chrome was causing all the issues with uploading so here I am on damn Internet Explorer with A6 of Toto! Here's what changed! - Sectioned off mid with big gates to make it a fully-enclosed arena to cut sightlines, cut vvis, and...