1. version a6

    Picked Random
    • made flat map ever so slightly less flat
  2. Version a5

    Picked Random
    • Added some fences to limit a sightline from mid house that let you see all three exits from spawn courtyard.
    • Unangled stairs.
    • Added more space to sniper hut.
    • Removed TF2Build.
    • Patched up bad displacement with block bullets.
    • Replaced fence on walkways with a more solid block.
    • Plugged a hole between the rock and the wall. Lazily.
  3. Version a4

    Picked Random
    • Grown some grass.
    • Replaced the odd rock formation with a (hopefully) more natural arrangement.
    • Blocked a no good very bad sightline from the mid house into the spawn courtyard.
    • Added a window inside mid house.
    • Added a fence to block sight on CP from mid house.
    • Floor is now hi-res TF2 Build because everyone totally loves TF2 Build.
    • Replaced the orange dev texture with pure hazard stripes since apparently orange dev is not enough indication.
    • Raised some roofs....
  4. Version a3

    Picked Random
    • Opened up the cap point to hopefully make it harder to defend.
    • Other changes to accomodate the new point.
    • Dirt changed to displacements.
  5. Version a2

    Picked Random
    • Modified health pickups through the map.
    • Removed the large healthkit above the point.
    • Unclipped the clipped angled roof close to the point.
    • Widened the alleys leading to the point.
    • Doubled the time needed to capture the point.