Theory a18

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Theory a18

3CP Attack/Defense

It's my theory on what good 3cp attack/defense should be. RED team has a shortcut to A until BLU caps it. BLU gets a forward spawn after capping B. It's useful to have engineers. I don't think you can avoid it in this game mode.
First release
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Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. a18

    changed things
  2. Adjustments to A and B, mostly

    a16 - opened up the building between blu spawn and A a little, and widened the small bridge outside it - deleted the small health/ammo and sniper fence on the building to the side of A - put a wall in the building between A and B that mostly BLU...
  3. New B, and other changes

    a15: - new B, split cap mechanic. red has a shortcut here now too. - some changes to the area before and around A - increased signage - simplified some stuff - moved the plank on C and added some more geometry - changed a trick jump at C - many...