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The Temple of mann v1.002

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So In my last update I talk about an update to the map it self, well I got that verson of the map on the workshop and with the jungle tag, and because of the new layout, I updated the nav mech and change the names of the files to mvm_the_temple_of_mann_v2 so the game can reconise them.

Thank you such much for playing, how to install is in the folder, type problems on the workshop page and the Desutions and see you later bye.
If your reading this than you want to see what else I have to say. First I add sentry busters and fixed the mission... kinda. I made the robots re-spawn faster witch makes the battle medics kinda hard to kill. So yeah, don't this alone, it is hard. Also I tried to make a longer verson of this map but I couldn't get it to run, I always loaded the old verson of the map, I think it might to do something to do to the workshop but I will make the longer verson later. (If at all) Comment both this and the workshop verson if anything doesn't work properly. Thanks and I see you later!
I'll like feedback, I keep updating the mission for completion sake, and woun't stop untill I beat the last wave!
I just find that the vacationator medics woun't work. And I add back the enginners!
So the Enginners bots on the mission would stop the round and will not spawn the next bots! Now fixed!
The Temple of Mann Nav and Pop file! To install, unpack the zip and take the nav file and put it in the maps folder in Steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/maps (And take the map file it self from steamapps/workshop/440/the number that has the map and put it in the map folder.) And take the pop file to tf/scrips/popluation (Create the popluation folder if it dosen't exsest) and put it their!