The Spool

The Spool a4

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I've been getting very little feedback, so I assume this map is just about Beta-ready. There's just a few things I wanted to tinker with before I start detailing the map.

- Adjusted the lighting again, returning it to a more Dustbowl-like setting
- Implimented Pont's CTF Timer Logic, and added a 6:30 round timer
- Reduced the flag's return time from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.

- Split spawn! One half of your team spawns in the high ground stairwell, while the other half spawns where the old spawn was
- The shack in the courtyard has been unclipped! Climb all over it, ya weevils.

- Removed the mid fences since they did basically nothing
- Slightly widened the land bridge

- Added some crates and barrels to the bunker's porch
- Added "Sniper Windows" to the mid-facing walls of the Bunker

- Redesigned the tunnels to fit with the adjusted Intel Room placement


- Moved the entire intel area over 320 HUs. Pathways have been adjusted accordingly.
- Shrunk down the "side exit" and made it accessible to non-jumping classes
- Added pipes to the "dead end dropdown" so that non-jumping classes can also propjump up to the flag
- Centered the Vent Office pickups on the vent itself instead of the wall
- Replaced the Vent Office glass with a slightly darker "striped" variant to help players notice the glass-less window
- Rearranged the props in the Vent Office again, this time to help the area feel more open
- Changed the skybox to @ABpriceHI45's Screwball skybox, and adjusted the lighting to match
- Smoothed out some of the detailing with playerclips, as testers were getting caught on fences and supports

- Added some small fences to the landbridge
- Reduced the Shack ammo from full to medium
---- Having two full ammo packs that close to each other made mid a hotbed for Engie nests, which in turn made pushing the high ground near-impossible

- Moved the Bunker entrance slightly forward
- Moved the Office to ground level, and moved it slightly back
- Moved the Office pickup to the center room, and added a small healthpack
- Removed the mid-facing window in the Office

- Added some fences to the spawn-facing edge of the high ground

- Increased the lighting in the vents (from 100 to 200 brightness)
- Replaced the angled vent with a pseudo-jumppad (inspired by a similar setup in the 2008 map tc_atlantic)
- The overlook room has been slightly expanded and reorganized
- Moved the "dead end" health pack from in front of the flag to in front of the spool wall
---- This is in attempt to make the healthkit more noticeable, as the "dead end" area is meant to be a flank escape, but few-if-any playtesters have used it so far


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- Fixed the main door on BLU's intel building being team-restricted
- Removed the "Exit" signs in the intel buildings
- Changed name to "The Spool"
---- This is because it sounds vaugely like "Dustbowl", and this map is supposed to play vaugely like Dustbowl
- Added two addition spectator cameras for both teams-- the spawn courtyard and the intel room
- Removed Heffy and Tom Cruise

- Fixed the missing large ammo in BLU's bunker
- Removed the bunker windows
- Added a small bit of cover in the bunker (it's a spool)
- Added an "office" across the alley from the bunker (where the "divot" was previously)

- Brightened the lighting in the caves (from 100 to 250, for those curious)
- Displacement adjustments

- Remade the spawns, keeping a similar layout to the previous version
- Lowered the spawns to ground level
- Added a new "high ground" just outside of spawn for players to defend from, similar to Dustbowl
- Removed the garage theming

- Fixed the flags being slightly off-center
- Enabled the flags' spin animation
- Completely redesigned the flag building
---- Made everything more open
---- Added a vent route that leads to a room above the flag, allowing flankers to get the drop on defenders
---- The "under-the-bridge" route is now a one-way for attackers to escape with the flag