(TFC Remake) Crossover2 Crossover2_B1

Crossover2 ported to source.

  1. basically monkey
    A remake of the TFC map for the source engine. This map was meant to be played for Pre-Fortress 2, but should also work with TF2 normally.

    This map is in "[US] Snoop's Snazzy Custom Map Server's" rotation, so go join that on PF2 if you want:


    1. crossover2red01.PNG
    2. crossover2red02.PNG
    3. crossover2red03.PNG
    4. crossover2mid.PNG

Recent Updates

  1. Crossover2 B1
  2. Crossover2 A2

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: Crossover2_B1
    Gameplay is smooth and layout makes sense, nice map!