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  1. ISPuddy
    Staff Edit: This is a prefab of all the 'bombs' used in-game... and the train rain.
    :skybox:This is some of the new things:cap: in :nodraw:tf2hammer
    :skybox:i make this for you can make your map fast
    :skybox:in the pack are

    :skybox::intelblue:mvm bomb
    :skybox:merasmus bomb
    :skybox:pumpkin bomb
    :skybox:and mother of train:cap:
    :skybox:the merasmusbomb & pumpkin bomb has respawn logic
    :skybox:another are non
    :skybox:just click this:entitytool: and place it


    1. BOMBY.png
    2. inhammer_bomb01.png
    3. inhammer_bomb02.png
    4. outhammer_atombomb.png
    5. outhammer_bomb_bombinomicon.png
    6. outhammer_payload_bomb.png
    7. outhammer_TRAINBOMB_bomb.png
    8. PUMBY.png