Tenebris a8

Welcome to the Archives.

  1. Closure.

    I just needed to fix one last thing so that gameplay wouldn't be hopelessly broken before I put this thing to rest.

    Here's the new VMF.

    License: CC BY-SA 4.0
  2. Strategic layout improvements

    I'm officially done with this map.

    Here's the VMF. If anyone wants to continue the project, I'm publishing it under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License.
  3. Another Necromancy update.

    It will probably be a long time before I update this map again.

    * Added destinations for Monoculus's portals
    * added a "loot island" area, with an exit portal to the train station.
    * Added a 3D skybox that you'll probably never see
    * Considered changing the lighting color based on feedback from tf2maps play-test, decided not to.
    * There's still a way to spawn Monoculus.
    * Moved resupply lockers down 1 hammer unit, so they don't look like they're floating.
    * added Red and Blu team signs in...
  4. Necromancy Update

    Great news!
    Having dug up the old VMF file for this map from a USB stick buried deep in my filing cabinets, and gotten access to a computer with windows on it, I've been able to work on this map again!

    ...Anyhow, it seems the only thing I'm good at around here is necroposting, so here's another, from the bottom of my heart!

    * Brought ctf_tenebris back from the dead (slightly haunted)
    * Removed a ton of cubemaps
    * added a grate in the center (so you can see into the train area from the...
  5. The Second Detailing Update

    * Added a fair bit of detail brushes
    * Re-arranged cubemaps.... ...again...
    * Finally fixed the issue with the vertex tool. You shouldn't be able to see NoDraw now...
    * Accidentally glitched 2 buckets out of existence by turning them into physics props. Oh well, I'm not going to waste time recompiling and building cubemaps just for a couple buckets...
    * Sorry, didn't have time to take any screenshots... Not much changed anyway.
  6. Super Early Detailing Time!

    * Textured nearly everything
    * Re-did Tenebris Logo (even fancier!)
    * I freaking hate cubemaps
    * [insert future diary reference here]
  7. Quick patch

    When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to build the cubemaps from which all reflective objects created in our world derive their appearance...... ...uh, yeah.
    * Mini-update intended to fix a few bugs and make the map look presentable for an Impromptu...
    * Fixed horrific HDR glare
    * fixed a symmetry issue related to a ladder
  8. The super-mega-fancy update

    * Raised ceilings in multiple places, even out-of-reach ones.
    * Added another route to the intel.
    * Completely re-built the intel room.
    * Fixed an exploit related to there not being enough candles
    * Go ahead, turn on HDR. (Actually don't, unless you want to blind yourself.)
    * More rooms! More bookshelves! More Future Diary references!
    * Added an official looking Tenebris logo. (Very fancy!)
    * Added details to the spawnroom that no one will ever notice because seriously, who actually...
  9. Lighting and Gameplay Signs (and more candles)

    * Added more lighting, giving everything (except the train area and spawnrooms) an orange glow
    * Added gameplay signs. More may be added in the future
    * Added at least 8 candles, for your enjoyment.
    * NoDraw for the NoDraw gods
    * [insert future diary reference here]