early alpha

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  1. GreenGuyCombine

    5cp_cliffsandpits A4

    A fairly straightforward 5cp map (I hope). So far I'm happy with the layout of the map so I'm uploading it here for some playtesting feedback to see what needs any changes.
  2. General Washingtoad

    koth_cabinfever 1a

    This is a map I made simply to see if I could, and well it is coming along. This is my first map (that I have uploaded, even tho this is technically like my 6th map), but in all seriousness, go have fun and exploit the bonk out of this map so I can see what I need to polish! (My main...
  3. Mercia

    Archway A2

    The name might be changed later, when I find a better one. For now, It's archway, because... archs
  4. pk.pseudo

    Cryogenic A5

    The Control Point is the warmest place to fight... In the cold barren wastelands of the arctic, Red and Blu's "Research Stations" (Disguised Super Weapon Factory & Abdominal Snowman Orphanage) have somehow stumbled across an ancient UFO that somehow was beneath the ice of their bases this...
  5. GrismarPicklemelt

    Koth_Dirtway A5

    This is an early version of a map I like to call Dirtway, my first map. Being my first map it is very poor, by the time I realized some of the flaws of this map, such as little to no height variation, it was kinda too late. So enjoy this steaming pile of crap. ---Planed before RC1 of this map...
  6. ashz

    Medieval Castletower a1

    A medieval KOTH map centered around a short tower. It is symetrical and relatively small. This is an early version, so please leave much feedback.
  7. Blobs

    KOTH_Missingno (WIP Title A5

    my first my has finally hit alpha. i would love to get some feedback, so tell if you like it, or dont (your opinion doesnt matter if you dont say why) known problems with the map: lack of texture (a1) lack of health and ammo snipers are so stronk
  8. Piezo_

    Tenebris a8

    The Mann Co. Data Archives * Red and Blu somehow accidentally built their secret underground data archives right next to each other. Incredible. * Probably some kind of illuminati-related easter egg * Includes books, and other library-related things... * I binge-watched the entirety of The...
  9. Collaide

    cp_waterworks A4

    As my first map-project I present to you cp_waterworks_a4! It's a competitively oriented 5cp map with the intent of being viable for 6v6 gameplay. It’s supposed have a sort of factory-ish theme, but I am still learning how to decorate. I am a competitive player who has 3.6k hours on the game and...