Teien RC6

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Map Changes:
- Clipped rocks near bot spawn where you could get stuck
- Made prop in upgrade station at main spawn nonsolid
- Moved the spawn point that was in the upgrade station trigger
- Fixed forward upgrade station not enabling after wave failure
- Moved the health and ammopack that was out of bounds back to a place you could actually access it
- Nobuilded places you could build where a sentry buster can't reach
- Clipped off the bamboo in the middle of the map
- Fixed numberous clipping bugs
- Clipped stairs that were unclipped
- Fixed a place where giants could get stuck under a walkway
- Gong in garden gate building now rings when shot by popular request
- Fixed inaccessible ammo pack in garden gate building
- Opened second door to Ramen Shop so it's easier to run through
- Fixed a spot where spybots would get stuck
- Fixed dynamic shadows showing through the wall at spawn
- Fixed the bridge train doors being weird
- Fixed some lighting bugs
- Added 3d skybox
- Added soundscapes

Normal Mode Wave 1:
- Shotgun heavies now have correct icon
- Shotgun heavies are now easy skill

Normal Mode Wave 2:
- Added two heavy medic combos

Normal Mode Wave 3:
- Changed heavy medic combos to pyro medic combos
- Added some giant soldiers after the giant neons to make the wave a bit more interesting

Normal Mode Wave 4:
- Added some bonk scouts to go with the giant heavies

Normal Mode Wave 5:
- Added a giant pyro with the tank

Normal Mode Wave 6:
- Made the rising sun soldier slightly stronger
- Added a giant pyro boss after the rising sun soldier to make the final wave more interesting

Expert Mode Wave 6:
- Made the super secret surprise a bit more powerful
Map Changes:
- Artpass
- Added a bit more ammo

Expert Mode Wave 1:
- Added huntsman snipers

Expert Mode Wave 6:
- Added special boss tank

Normal Mode Wave 6:
- Removed 5 giant scouts
- Nerfed Rising Sun slightly


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Map Changes:
- Changed bridge design
- Fixed the place in the hotspring that bots would get stuck with bomb
- Added fancy train

Expert Mode Wave 1:
- Giant Pyros mark for death with their flames. Glory to the Flame O'War!
- Giant Neon's come out earlier.
- Giant Pyros have uber medics instead of quick fix medics.
- Melee crit scouts are now support limited so you don't have to hunt them down at the end.

Expert Mode Wave 2:
- Fister Heavies spawn slightly earlier in the wave, but slightly more
- Gave the mini neon pyros a bit of a buff

Expert Mode Wave 3:
- Added more giant scouts spread out across the wave, made them sandman giants.

Expert Mode Wave 4:
- Reduced number of total samurai by 2

Expert Mode Wave 5:
- Removed Flare Pyros
- Reduced number of melee heavies by 6
- Number of giant scouts is now 8
- Fixed the projectiles on Shogun Ultimate being too slow and too frequent

Expert Mode Wave 6:
- Reduced number of max active banner trios to 1
- Reduced max number of active demomen support to 4
- Scorch Shot Pyros come after bosses
- Added giant crossbow medic squad to second half of wave
- Added Engineers
Map Changes:
- Added another full ammo onto the raised garden area in the center
- Added some more engineer spots so they push up nicer
- Raised ground under bridge more

Expert Mode Wave 1:
- Changed Fish scouts into Fan O'War scouts
- Fan O'War scouts and Demomen now spawn earlier
- Reduced number of Shotgun Heavies by 4 to speed up wave slightly

Expert Mode Wave 2:
- Reduced number of Giant Demomen to 2, this should speed up the wave also
- Reduced tank health by 5000 (20k -> 15k)
- Giant Heavies now come out after the Giant Demomen are dead, rather than with

Expert Mode Wave 3:
- Reduced Heavy + Vaccinator Trio sets by 1

Expert Mode Wave 4:
- Reduced tank health by 5000 (25k -> 20k)

Expert Mode Wave 6:
- Added Grapple Samurai
- Reduced number of giant FAN scouts by 2
- Reduced tank health by 5000 (30k -> 25k)
- Added custom icon for Tryhard Scouts
- Added custom icon for Rising Sun
Map Changes:
- Raised height of ground under bridge slightly
- Fixed some nav issues
- Added flank navs
- Clipped trainstation roof
- Fixed being able to fall into the hatch (oops)

Normal Mode Wave 6:
- Fixed boss not spawning

Expert Mode Wave 1:
- Finally gave shotgun icon to shotgun heavies
- Melee scouts are now crit (sorry)
- Added extra set of demoman bots

Expert Mode Wave 2:
- Added support easy pyros
- Removed the Displacer, he was never as cool as I wanted
- Replaced Displacer with regular Giant Heavies, 3 of them, one with each vacc medic
- Grapple...demomen?!

Expert Mode Wave 3:
- Added support easy pyros
- Added Battalion's Backup to Aussie Soldier
- Replaced shield medics on heater heavies with vaccinator trio

Expert Mode Wave 4:
- Replaced Giant Neon Pyros with 2 Giant Fire Heavy Squads
- Reduced health of Giant Fire Heavies
- Removed Knockback from Giant Fire Heavies entirely
- Support is now a mix of Conch and Battalion Soldiers

Expert Mode Wave 5:
- Reduced total number of giant soldier squads by 1
- Gave them Battalion's Backup
- Spread out their spawns across the entire wave
- Removed giant fire heavies from this wave
- Reduced total wave length

Expert Mode Wave 6:
- Fixed second set of tanks using the same path
- Tryhard Scouts and Buff Trio now come out with the second set of tanks, this should reduce wave length and increase difficulty slightly
- Gave Tryhard scouts an unusual item

Expert Mode Wave 7:
- Removed damage resistances from Boss
- Increased Boss health to compensate (but should overall have slightly less effective health)
Map Changes:
- Prevented bots from trying to walk under the boards at the botspawn.
- Moved tank end point back so it should drop it's bomb in the hole.
- Lowered ground under bridge.
- Raised door height of train station so bots don't get stuck.

Normal Mode Wave 2:
- Made the pyros spawn way faster and total amount less.
- Further changes to come (mainly wanted to test expert mode this version)

Expert Mode Wave 1:
- Lowered starting currency from 800 to 500

Expert Mode Wave 2:
- Only 1 giant demoman can be active at once.
- Reduced the number of displacer boss's from 2 to 1

Expert Mode Wave 3:
- Removed samurai's entirely, they will be put into another wave in future
- Changed the normal heavies to wrap assassin scouts
- Reduced the number of medics the heater heavies spawn with from 3 to 1
- Reduced the number of medics the Giant Huntsmans spawn with from 3 to 1
- Reduced the total number of Giant Huntsmans

Expert Mode Wave 4:
- Fixed the demoman boss being 1 hit by half-zatoichi
Map changes:
- Added more fences to reduce the power of the river pit
- Added a pit on the other route to balance routes
- Fixed many navigation bugs
- Bots now should take the back route as a possible route
- Fixed tank falling into hatch (for real)
- Added a light to the station building
- Moved train barrier on the bridge to the end of the bridge, this allows you to push bots through the hole created by the train tracks as well.

Expert Wave 3:
- Changed 2/3 shield medics to regular medics in the Australium Soldier squad
- Added a max vision range to the Australium Soldier
- Slightly reduced number of samurai demomen

Expert Wave 4:
- Giant Pyros now spawn with the tanks instead of awkwardly after them

Expert Wave 5:
- Reduced the ridicuous but funny knockback of the Giant Fire Heavies
- Reduced the health of the Giant Fire Heavies slightly
- Changed the giant medic that spawns with the Giant Fire Heavies to a regular giant medic, rather than a shield one

Expert Wave 6:
- Removed giant shield medics from Australium Soldiers
- Added a max vision range to the Australium Soldier
- Removed Fist Heavies from w6 to reduce length of wave (this brings total currency down that random 40 credits)

Expert Wave 7:
- Reduced heal on kill for boss slightly
- Reduced knockback the boss can take from knockback sources
- Reduced the speed of boss slightly
Forgot the robot template file. Oops.
Also updated the popfile naming conventions so they're correct.
Map and nav file are the same.