Teien RC6

MvM set in a rural Japanese town

  1. Beta 2

    Map Changes:
    - Clipped rocks near bot spawn where you could get stuck
    - Made prop in upgrade station at main spawn nonsolid
    - Moved the spawn point that was in the upgrade station trigger
    - Fixed forward upgrade station not enabling after wave failure
    - Moved the health and ammopack that was out of bounds back to a place you could actually access it
    - Nobuilded places you could build where a sentry buster can't reach
    - Clipped off the bamboo in the middle of the map
    - Fixed numberous...
  2. Beta 1

    Map Changes:
    - Artpass
    - Added a bit more ammo

    Expert Mode Wave 1:
    - Added huntsman snipers

    Expert Mode Wave 6:
    - Added special boss tank

    Normal Mode Wave 6:
    - Removed 5 giant scouts
    - Nerfed Rising Sun slightly


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  3. Alpha 10

    Map Changes:
    - Changed bridge design
    - Fixed the place in the hotspring that bots would get stuck with bomb
    - Added fancy train

    Expert Mode Wave 1:
    - Giant Pyros mark for death with their flames. Glory to the Flame O'War!
    - Giant Neon's come out earlier.
    - Giant Pyros have uber medics instead of quick fix medics.
    - Melee crit scouts are now support limited so you don't have to hunt them down at the end.

    Expert Mode Wave 2:
    - Fister Heavies spawn slightly earlier in the wave, but slightly...
  4. Alpha 9

    Map Changes:
    - Added another full ammo onto the raised garden area in the center
    - Added some more engineer spots so they push up nicer
    - Raised ground under bridge more

    Expert Mode Wave 1:
    - Changed Fish scouts into Fan O'War scouts
    - Fan O'War scouts and Demomen now spawn earlier
    - Reduced number of Shotgun Heavies by 4 to speed up wave slightly

    Expert Mode Wave 2:
    - Reduced number of Giant Demomen to 2, this should speed up the wave also
    - Reduced tank health by 5000 (20k -> 15k)
  5. Alpha 8

    Map Changes:
    - Raised height of ground under bridge slightly
    - Fixed some nav issues
    - Added flank navs
    - Clipped trainstation roof
    - Fixed being able to fall into the hatch (oops)

    Normal Mode Wave 6:
    - Fixed boss not spawning

    Expert Mode Wave 1:
    - Finally gave shotgun icon to shotgun heavies
    - Melee scouts are now crit (sorry)
    - Added extra set of demoman bots

    Expert Mode Wave 2:
    - Added support easy pyros
    - Removed the Displacer, he was never as cool as I wanted
    - Replaced Displacer...
  6. Alpha 7

    Map Changes:
    - Prevented bots from trying to walk under the boards at the botspawn.
    - Moved tank end point back so it should drop it's bomb in the hole.
    - Lowered ground under bridge.
    - Raised door height of train station so bots don't get stuck.

    Normal Mode Wave 2:
    - Made the pyros spawn way faster and total amount less.
    - Further changes to come (mainly wanted to test expert mode this version)

    Expert Mode Wave 1:
    - Lowered starting currency from 800 to 500

    Expert Mode Wave 2:
    - Only 1...
  7. Alpha 6

    Map changes:
    - Added more fences to reduce the power of the river pit
    - Added a pit on the other route to balance routes
    - Fixed many navigation bugs
    - Bots now should take the back route as a possible route
    - Fixed tank falling into hatch (for real)
    - Added a light to the station building
    - Moved train barrier on the bridge to the end of the bridge, this allows you to push bots through the hole created by the train tracks as well.

    Expert Wave 3:
    - Changed 2/3 shield medics to regular...
  8. Alpha 5 fix

    Forgot the robot template file. Oops.
    Also updated the popfile naming conventions so they're correct.
    Map and nav file are the same.