Teien RC6

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- Increased deathpit damage as a fallback for the sethealth trigger not working
- Nobuilded the small shack roof
- Fixed some perch points
- Fixed some visual inconsistencies
- Hopefully fixed some places bots could get stuck
- Fixed some places the bomb carrier could get stuck
- Added missing robot_teien.pop
- Added relays to close the deathpit at mission maker's discretion: deathpit_block_relay and deathpit_open_relay
- Added a money collect trigger in tank entrance
- Raised ground under garden bridge slightly
- Added nav avoids for common bots on raised grassy area in middle of the map to give players a bit more freedom
- Added the common tag to path-controlling nav_avoids
- Made it so there's only one "spawnbot" and "spawnbot_left/right" per side for alternating spawning as per request
- Moved the spawnbot_right that was causing bots to get stuck sometimes
- Included new mission "Onsen Onslaught" made by Dayal
- Updated popfile slightly
Map Changes:
- Fixed insolid box you could get stuck on
- New hatch
- Fixed corrupted BSP
Map Changes:
- Fixed loads of bugs
- Added health pack to the garden gate building
- Added sushi

Normal Mode Wave 1:
- Changed Bison soldiers to Samurai Soldiers
- Shotgun heavies spawn halfway through rocket soldier spawns, rather than after.

Normal Mode Wave 6:
- Pyro boss spawns after soldier boss is dead

Expert Mode Wave 1:
- slightly reduced number of small bot spam
- Added 2 giant soldier squads to the later half of the wave

Expert Mode Wave 2:
- Slowed down spawning of giant heavy + vaccinators
- Trimmed small bot spawns
Map Changes:
- Fixed numerous navigation bugs
- Fixed a teleporter spot that caused giants to get stuck
- Fixed numerous seams (but I'm sure there's still some)
- Smoothed out the bot spawns, this should prevent the Samurai Boss from getting stuck in the left spawn and other bots getting stuck in the right.
- Removed the ability to crouch under the wooden platforms at the front (bots would get bugged out)
- Raised doorways in buildings where giants would rarely get stuck.

Normal Mode Wave 1:
- Swapped out hunstman snipers for basic soldiers
- Lowered frequency of spawns of new soldiers
- Lowered number of shotgun heavies

Normal Mode Wave 2:
- Changed spawn conditions for all wavespawns, new setup is:
- Pyros, delayed Giant Boxers -> (Pyros dead) Demoknight/Medic pair + Hunstman Snipers

Normal mode Wave 3:
- Lowered number of boxing heavies

Normal Mode Wave 4:
- Giant heavies now come out at a large delay, rather than waiting for trash wavespawns to end. This should make it flow more nicely.
- Increased number of bonk scouts with Giant Heavies

Normal Mode Wave 6:
- Increased health of boss pyro slightly
- Added some extra support to boss pyro (4 flaregunners)

Expert Mode Wave 1:
- Reduced wait time between heavy spawns
- Moved up giant neon pyros spawn time, they took a while to come out making the early wave slow
- Added extra giant neon pyro

Expert Mode Wave 2:
- Increased number of grapple heavies slightly
- Changed Heavy+Vaccinator giants to giant vaccinator medics. Enjoy.

Expert Mode Wave 3:
- Changed Wrap Asasassin scouts (which don't work) to Fan O'War scouts.

Expert Mode Wave 4:
- Changed Samurai boss to scale 1.7 instead of 1.8

Expert Mode Wave 5:
- Changed an incorrect wavespawn that was giving 500 credits instead of 50.

Expert Mode Wave 6:
- Lowered damage bonus on crossbow medics (giant and regular)
- Removed Mark for Death attribute on giant crossbow medic.

Expert Mode Wave 7:
- Removed all non-support medics sans boss.
Map Changes:
- Fixed a large bug with instances on the back road route
- Redid part of the 3d skybox more to my liking