Teien RC6

MvM set in a rural Japanese town

  1. Freyja
    Somewhere in rural Japan, there's a town with a nice garden.

    And the robots want to destroy it. For some reason?


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Recent Updates

  1. Release Candidate 6
  2. Release Candidate 5
  3. Release Candidate 4 Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Mathtriqueur
    Version: RC6
    MvM map that looks good and runs good. I agree that it's long. Like you can setup at the robot spawn, near the train track, around the entrance to the garden and at the bomb site all in one wave.

    Also, thank god for the train being able to destroy robots. The train actually destroyed a tank in an attempt where we were already pushed backed at the garden with less than 50% of the wave done and having a giant scout with the bomb slipping through the defenses.
  2. ISPuddy
    Version: RC3-2
    tank n o t smooth
  3. Yellow
    Version: b3
    Very fun and interesting map. Aside from the theme, the layout is fairly unique from other mvm maps while still following a few successful formulas from the original mvm maps. My only complaint: the map is extremely long (even longer than bigrock), so always have a teleporter up unless you want to walk a ridiculous amount of time.