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Taiga a7

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-removed some cover on central point
-added some cover on last point
-redesigned horrible second point
Last point:
2015-11-21_00001.jpg 2015-11-21_00005.jpg
Second point:
2015-11-21_00002.jpg 2015-11-21_00004.jpg
Middle point:
Enjoy, or i'll find you and make you enjoy/ask you what's wrong.
Here you are: cp_taiga_a6

Map was strongly remade. It's straighter and ways between points are longer.
2015-11-20_00002.jpg 2015-11-20_00001.jpg
Don't even ask what was wrong. Just forget a4.
This is Taiga's new version. Hera are some things i did here:
- Medium are is a little bit bigger now.
- Some weird and useless pillars on central point (i have no idea why i added them).
- More texture variations (I know it's still alpha, but now it's harder to get lost, and remeber that all textures are temporary).
- Main ways from one point to another are more open (someone noticed that my map is just rooms and corridors, so that's why).
- Some efforts to decrase sniperness of my map (some glass covers and curved passages)
-Experimental respawn times applied.
2015-11-13_00001.jpg 2015-11-13_00002.jpg 2015-11-13_00003.jpg 2015-11-13_00004.jpg 2015-11-13_00005.jpg 2015-11-13_00006.jpg

I hope it won't be so bad.
It's almost new map but general layout is the same. Tha map is smaller now.
2015-11-08_00001.jpg 2015-11-08_00002.jpg 2015-11-08_00003.jpg
A2 version
-more lights
-signs redone
-small changes on mid
-everything works now (i think)